A Taxonomy of the Space Between Us
Paperback, 37 pages
Published February 15th 2015 by Black Lawrence Press
ISBN: 978-1-62557-931-7

"A Taxonomy of the Space Between Us is an elegant chronicle of grief, of the sprawling bonds between brothers and sisters, of bodies in this world, of the power of language when so artfully arranged. Caleb Curtiss is a poet among poets and in this beautiful and assured collection, he makes himself heard and how."
       —Roxane Gay

"The language is plain and effective in resisting the urge to elevate (and overdo) a grief that seems akin to '. . . the chassis / of an overturned car / steadying itself beside a corn field / a stop sign.' Powerful insights are rooted throughout, often bolstered by Curtiss’s technical skill."
       —Rain Taxi Review

"This brilliant new taxonomy serves as an exhilarating reminder that the things most capable of haunting us are the most haunted things themselves."
      —Matthew Gavin Frank

"I suspect our fate as human beings is to experience both grief and wonder concurrently — and to be both astonished and subdued by it. Despite the difficult subject matter of Curtiss’ collection, this is what we find within A Taxonomy of the Space Between Us."
       —The Literary Review 

"Curtiss both embraces and indicts the logic of the natural sciences—drawing a line between (and connecting) matter and what matters—and the methods we use to cope, which are simultaneously necessary and not enough."
       —Scout Poetry


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